Apex Won "Focus on Quality Award" for the Second Consecutive Year!

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31  May, 2017
From May 17 to May 19, "BUSINESS-INFORM 2017" was successfully held in Moscow, Russia. The exhibition has attracted 75 exhibitors from Russia, China, the United States and Japan.
Apex won "Focus on Quality Award" for the second consecutive year
At the award ceremony held on May 18th, Apex won "Focus on Quality Award" for the second consecutive year. Apex, the only company in the aftermarket with SoC independent intellectual property rights, committed to technological innovation to continuously provide its clients with high-quality solutions and services.
“Technological innovation is the best way to meet challenges.”
Ben Wu, the R&D manager of Apex, analyzed and explained the three major pain points existed in the current industry on May 17th, including storage technology, chip encryption technology and firmware upgrades. "Technology innovation is the best way to meet challenges," Apex adheres to the integration of technical resources and focus on R&D analysis to maintain its products in the leading position and provide its clients with comprehensive solutions. At present, advanced ASIC and SoC chip technology has been gradually applied to the field of niche brand products and copiers.
Diversified product array
Apex, having leading edge in the mainstream brands, continuing to expand and perfect the niche brands, studying the copier field in a deep-going way, and then having innovative development on the NFC and fingerprint recognition, has realized technology innovation by adopting diversified product array. "Product-oriented, customer-oriented" is always the purpose Apex has followed and the commitment it has made to its majority customers.
The successful conclusion of "BUSINESS-INFORM 2017" has laid a solid customer base for Apex’s continuous development in Russia and Eurasian region in the second half of 2017. In the future, Apex will continue to provide its clients with better quality solutions.