Product Overview

The APW8811 is an ultra-low power Bluetooth 4.2 SoC based on the 32-bit ARM®Cortex®-M0 processor, integrated with high-performance 2.4GHz RF transceiver and rich digital interfaces. With on-chip Balun, there is no need for off-chip impedance matching network and external crystal oscillator load capacitance, which minimize BOM cost and PCB area. A high-efficiency DC-DC step-down converter is integrated to realize ultra-low power consumption.


System and Architecture

  • ARM®Cortex®-M0 
  • Frequency 64MHz
  • Support OTA


  • Flash: 512KB
  • SRAM: 24/32KB

Power Consumption

  • RX Current:2.8mA
  • TX Current:4.8mA
  • Sleep Current:2.7µA
  • Power Supply:1.8V-3.6V


  • -94dBm

Maximum TX Power

  • +4dBm

Digital Peripherals

  • PWM×6
  • RTC

Communication Interfaces

  • I2C×2
  • SPI×2
  • UART×2

Analog Interface

  • 10-bit ADC


  • QFN32/QFN48

Application Area

Smart home

Smart home

Intelligent wearable

Intelligent wearable

Health Applications

Health Applications

HID Devices

HID Devices

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APW8811 Datasheet V1.0.0 2020/1/14