"There are various patterns for firmware upgrades. Here’s the new firmwares verification results on Apex chips for upgrading through new firmware or drivers released in OEM websites. We will continue to pay attention to the firmware upgrades and update the staus timely. If your chips fail, or you wish to get more details, please contact us."

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Printer Model Region APEX Code OEM Code Firmware Version Dates Pass/Fail
WF-C5790 EUR AJE-948BK/C/M/Y AJE-948BK/C/M/Y CV14K2 2020/3/31
PX-M381FL JPN AJE-IP03KB/IP04KA IP03KB/IP04KA CP14K2 2020/3/31
WF-M5299 EUR AJE-964/65/66 T9641/51/61 CP14K2 2020/3/31
PX-S381L JPN AJE-IP03KB/IP04KA IP03KB/IP04KA CP14K2 2020/3/31
WF-C5710 NA AJE-902XLBK/902XLC/902XLM/902XLY T902XL1/T902XL2/T902XL3/T902XL4 CU14K2 2020/3/31
WF-2831 EUR AJE-603XLBK/603XLC/603XLM/603XLY T03A1(603XLBK)/T03A2(603XLC)/T03A3(603XLM)/T03A4(603XLY) AL05K3 2020/3/18
WF-2830 NA AJE-212XLBK/212XLC/212XLM/212XLY T02X1(212XLBK)/T02X2(212XLC)/T02X3(212XLM)/T02X4(212XLY) AL05K3 2020/3/18
XP-4105 EUR AJE-603XLBK/603XLC/603XLM/603XLY T03A1(603XLBK)/T03A2(603XLC)/T03A3(603XLM)/T03A4(603XLY) MB05K3 2020/3/18
XP-4101 HK AJE-04EBK/04EC/04EM/04EY T04E1/T04E2/T04E3/T04E4 MB05K3 2020/3/18
XP-4105 AUS AJE-39XLBK/39XLC/39XLM/39XLY T04L1(39XLBK)/T04L2(39XLC)/T04L3(39XLM)/T04L4(39XLY) MB05K3 2020/3/18
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