"There are various patterns for firmware upgrades. Here’s the new firmwares verification results on Apex chips for upgrading through new firmware or drivers released in OEM websites. We will continue to pay attention to the firmware upgrades and update the staus timely. If your chips fail, or you wish to get more details, please contact us."

Start to Focus on the Brands You Concerned

Printer Model Region APEX Code OEM Code Firmware Version Dates Pass/Fail
PX-S05B JP AJE-IC82 IC82 ST27IB 2018.12.25
EP-907F JP AJE-IC80 IC80 YA30IB 2018.12.25
B731 US ALO-8801K 8801 A02.55_0_4 2018.12.20
CM228FM CHN ALX-2264BK/65C/66M/67Y CT202264/CT202257 01.09.00 2018.12.19
CP225W TW ALX-2264BK/65C/66M/67Y CT202264/CT202257 01.21.00 2018.12.19
H825DW CHN ALD-2513/14/15/16 2513/14/15/16 201809120649 2018.12.26
S2810DN US ALD-2810 CT202404 20180912064 2018.12.26
J2330DW ME AJB-LC3717/3719 LC3717/3719 K 2018.12.20
J690DW HK AJB-LC3511/3513 LC3511/3513 H 2018.12.20
J491DW HK AJB-LC3511/3513 LC3511/3513 E 2018.12.20
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