Replacement Chips for Brother LC3013/3313 Series

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06  Jul, 2018
Apex Chip
 ASIC design with stable performance
 Identify as Non-OEM cartridge in printer
Apex helps you seize the market opportunities by providing you with the first-to-market replacement chips solution for Brother LC3013/3313 series that used in North America and Australia for A4 printers. You’re welcome to contact us and ask for product samples!
About A4 Printers
Since February 2018, Brother released a series of new models of multifunctional inkjet printers in North America and Australia. According to the technology analysis, the new products are defined as Brother III series. The print speed can maximally up to 12ipm in monochrome and 10ipm in color; with the functions of printing, copying, scanning and faxing, the printers also support various printing methods, such as wireless printing and NFC printing.
Model List
APEX Code OEM Code Color Yield Region For Use in Printers
AJB-LC3011BK LC3011BK BK 200 US Brother MFC-J491DW
Brother MFC-J497DW
Brother MFC-J690DW
Brother MFC-J895DW
AJB-LC3011C LC3011C C 200
AJB-LC3011M LC3011M M 200
AJB-LC3011Y LC3011Y Y 200
AJB-LC3013BK LC3013BK BK 400 US
AJB-LC3013C LC3013C C 400
AJB-LC3013M LC3013M M 400
AJB-LC3013Y LC3013Y Y 400
AJB-LC3311BK LC3311BK BK 200 AU Brother DCP-J772DW
Brother MFC-J491DW
Brother MFC-J890DW
Coming Soon
AJB-LC3311C LC3311C C 200
AJB-LC3311M LC3311M M 200
AJB-LC3311Y LC3311Y Y 200
AJB-LC3313BK LC3313BK BK 400 AU Brother DCP-J772DW
Brother MFC-J491DW
Brother MFC-J890DW
AJB-LC3313C LC3313C C 400
AJB-LC3313M LC3313M M 400
AJB-LC3313Y LC3313Y Y 400
More Models
APEX Code OEM Code Color Yield Region For Use in Printers
AJB-LC3511BK LC3511BK BK 200 AP Brother MFC-J690DW
Brother MFC-J890DW
AJB-LC3511C LC3511C C 200
AJB-LC3511M LC3511M M 200
AJB-LC3511Y LC3511Y Y 200
AJB-LC3513BK LC3513BK BK 400
AJB-LC3513C LC3513C C 400
AJB-LC3513M LC3513M M 400
AJB-LC3513Y LC3513Y Y 400
AJB-LC3111BK LC3111BK BK 375 JP Brother DCP-J972N
Brother DCP-J973N-W/B
Brother DCP-J572N
Brother MFC-J893N
AJB-LC3111C LC3111C C 500
AJB-LC3111M LC3111M M 500
AJB-LC3111Y LC3111Y Y 500
AJB-LC3213BK LC3213BK BK 400 EUR Brother DCP-J772DW
Brother DCP-J774DW
Brother MFC-J890DW
Brother MFC-J895DW
AJB-LC3213C LC3213C C 400
AJB-LC3213M LC3213M M 400
AJB-LC3213Y LC3213Y Y 400
AJB-LC3211BK LC3211BK BK 200
AJB-LC3211C LC3211C C 200
AJB-LC3211M LC3211M M 200
AJB-LC3211Y LC3211Y Y 200
AJB-LC3717BK LC3717BK BK 550 ME Brother MFC-J2330DW
Brother MFC-J2730DW
Brother MFC-J3530DW
Brother MFC-J3930DW
AJB-LC3717C LC3717C C 550
AJB-LC3717M LC3717M M 550
AJB-LC3717Y LC3717Y Y 550
AJB-LC3719BK LC3719BK BK 3000 Brother MFC-J2330DW
Brother MFC-J2730DW
Brother MFC-J3530DW
Brother MFC-J3930DW
AJB-LC3719C LC3719C C 1500
AJB-LC3719M LC3719M M 1500
AJB-LC3719Y LC3719Y Y 1500
AJB-LC3029BK LC3029BK BK 3000 USA Brother MFC-J5830DW
Brother MFC-J5830DW XL
Brother MFC-J6535DW
Brother MFC-J6535DW XL
Brother MFC-J5930DW
Brother MFC-J6935DW
AJB-LC3029C LC3029C C 1500
AJB-LC3029M LC3029M M 1500
AJB-LC3029Y LC3029Y Y 1500
AJB-LC3017BK LC3017BK BK 550 USA Brother MFC-J5330DW
Brother MFC-J6530DW
Brother MFC-J6930DW
Brother MFC-J6730DW
AJB-LC3017C LC3017C C 550
AJB-LC3017M LC3017M M 550
AJB-LC3017Y LC3017Y Y 550
AJB-LC3019BK LC3019BK BK 3000
AJB-LC3019C LC3019C C 1500
AJB-LC3019M LC3019M M 1500
AJB-LC3019Y LC3019Y Y 1500
AJB-LC3217BK LC3217BK BK 550 EUR Brother MFC-J5330DW
Brother MFC-J5335DW
Brother MFC-J5730DW
Brother MFC-J5930DW
Brother MFC-J6530DW
Brother MFC-J6930DW
Brother MFC-J6935DW
AJB-LC3217C LC3217C C 550
AJB-LC3217M LC3217M M 550
AJB-LC3217Y LC3217Y Y 550
AJB-LC3219BK LC3219BK BK 3000
AJB-LC3219C LC3219C C 1500
AJB-LC3219M LC3219M M 1500
AJB-LC3219Y LC3219Y Y 1500
AJB-LC3317BK LC3317BK BK 550 AUS Brother MFC-J5330DW
Brother MFC-J5730DW
Brother MFC-J6530DW
Brother MFC-J6930DW
Brother MFC-J6730DW
AJB-LC3317C LC3317C C 550
AJB-LC3317M LC3317M M 550
AJB-LC3317Y LC3317Y Y 550
AJB-LC3319BK LC3319BK BK 3000
AJB-LC3319C LC3319C C 1500
AJB-LC3319M LC3319M M 1500
AJB-LC3319Y LC3319Y Y 1500
AJB-LC3329BK LC3329BK BK 3000 AUS Brother MFC-J5930DW
Brother MFC-J6935DW 
AJB-LC3329C LC3329C C 1500
AJB-LC3329M LC3329M M 1500
AJB-LC3329Y LC3329Y Y 1500
AJB-LC3129BK LC3129BK BK 3000 JPN Brother MFC-J6995CDW
AJB-LC3129C LC3129C C 1500
AJB-LC3129M LC3129M M 1500
AJB-LC3129Y LC3129Y Y 1500
AJB-LC3117BK LC3117BK BK 550 JPN Brother MFC-J6980CDW
Brother MFC-J6580CDW
AJB-LC3117C LC3117C C 550
AJB-LC3117M LC3117M M 550
AJB-LC3117Y LC3117Y Y 550
AJB-LC3119BK LC3119BK BK 3000
AJB-LC3119C LC3119C C 1500
AJB-LC3119M LC3119M M 1500
AJB-LC3119Y LC3119Y Y 1500
AJB-LC3617BK LC3617BK BK 550 AP Brother MFC-J2330DW
Brother MFC-J2730DW
Brother MFC-J3530DW
Brother MFCJ-3930DW
AJB-LC3617C LC3617C C 550
AJB-LC3617M LC3617M M 550
AJB-LC3617Y LC3617Y Y 550
AJB-LC3619BK LC3619BK BK 3000
AJB-LC3619C LC3619C C 1500
AJB-LC3619M LC3619M M 1500
AJB-LC3619Y LC3619Y Y 1500

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