Apex First-to-market Updated Solution for Xerox B400/C400 Series

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27  Aug, 2018

Apex found out that Xerox has upgrade the hardware for its B400/C400 series new manufactured printers. It was affirmed that chips on the market cannot be recognized on the printers manufactured after March 2018. (Error report of “Replace the toner cartridge”)

Apex release the first-to-market updated solution for Xerox B400/C400 series, which can recognized by both the new and old printers. What’s more, the new solution also covers the risky models may be involved in the future and maximally lower the possible risk. Apex will keep monitoring and provide more stable solutions to the global customers!

The error report shows up on the printer installed with the chips on the market which blocked by new hardware upgrade The normal report shows up on the printer installed with Apex chips

Verification Results

Printer Models Region Production Date APEX's Chips 
Verification Result
Other Chips' Verification 
Result on the Market
Xerox VersaLink B405 EXP Apr. 2018 OK NG
Error Report: 
“Replace the toner cartridge
Xerox VersaLink B400 EXP Feb. 2017 OK OK
Xerox VersaLink B400 EXP Dec. 2016 OK OK

Models of Upgraded Printers

APEX Code OEM Code Color Yield Region For Use in Printers
ALX-3500K 106R03500 K 2.5K EXP Xerox VersaLinK C400N/DN/DNM
Xerox VersaLinK C405
ALX-3502C 106R03502 C 2.5K EXP
ALX-3503M 106R03503 M 2.5K EXP
ALX-3501Y 106R03501 Y 2.5K EXP
ALX-3524K 106R03524 K 10.5K NA Xerox VersaLinK C400N/DN/DNM
Xerox VersaLinK C405
ALX-3526C 106R03526 C 8K NA
ALX-3527M 106R03527 M 8K NA
ALX-3525Y 106R03525 Y 8K NA
ALX-3512K 106R03512 K 5K NA
ALX-3514C 106R03514 C 4.8K NA
ALX-3515M 106R03515 M 4.8K NA
ALX-3513Y 106R03513 Y 4.8K NA
ALX-3516K 106R03516 K 5K EUR Xerox VersaLinK C400N/DN/DNM
Xerox VersaLinK C405
ALX-3518C 106R03518 C 4.8K EUR
ALX-3519M 106R03519 M 4.8K EUR
ALX-3517Y 106R03517 Y 4.8K EUR
ALX-3528K 106R03528 K 10.5K EUR
ALX-3530C 106R03530 C 8K EUR
ALX-3531M 106R03531 M 8K EUR
ALX-3529Y 106R03529 Y 8K EUR
ALX-3536K 106R03536 K 10.5K NA(Metered) Xerox VersaLinK C400/C405
ALX-3538C  106R03538 C 8K NA(Metered)
ALX-3539M 106R03539 M 8K NA(Metered)
ALX-3537Y  106R03537 Y 8K NA(Metered)
ALX-3532K 106R03532 (CT202574) K 10.5K ME Xerox VersaLinK C400N/DN/DNM
Xerox VersaLinK C405
ALX-3534C 106R03534 (CT202575) C 8K ME
ALX-3535M 106R03535 (CT202576) M 8K ME
ALX-3533Y 106R03533 (CT202577) Y 8K ME
ALX-3580K 106R03580 K 5.9K EXP Xerox VersaLinK B400/B405
ALX-3582K 106R03582 (CT202556) K 13.9K EXP
ALX-3584K 106R03584 (CT202557) K 24.6K EXP
ALX-3581K 106R03581 K 5.9K ME
ALX-3583K  106R03583 K 13.9K ME
ALX-3585K 106R03585 K 24.6K ME
ALX-0554DR 101R00554 Drum K 65K EXP

Models involved with the risk of new hardware upgrade

APEX Code OEM Code Color Yield Region For Use in Printers
ALX-2264BK CT202264/CT202257 K 2K AP Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CP225w
Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CP115w
Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CP116w
Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM115W
Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM225FW
Xerox DocuPrint CP118w
Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM118W
Xerox DocuPrint CM228fw
Xerox DocuPrint CP228W
Xerox DocuPrint CP119w
ALX-2265C CT202265/CT202258 C 1.4K AP
ALX-2266M CT202266/CT202259 M 1.4K AP
ALX-2267Y CT202267/CT202260 Y 1.4K AP
ALX-2268C CT202268/CT202261 C 0.7K AP
ALX-2269M CT202269/CT202262 M 0.7K AP
ALX-2270Y CT202270/CT202263 Y 0.7K AP
ALX-2759BK 106R02759 K 2K EXP Xerox Phaser 6022/6020
Xerox WorkCentre 6027/6025
ALX-2756C 106R02756 C 1K EXP
ALX-2757M 106R02757 M 1K EXP
ALX-2758Y 106R02758 Y 1K EXP
ALX-2763BK 106R02763 K 2K ME
ALX-2760C 106R02760 C 1K ME
ALX-2761M 106R02761 M 1K ME
ALX-2762Y 106R02762 Y 1K ME
ALX-2610K CT202610 K 6K AP Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM315z/CP315 dw
ALX-2611C CT202611 C 6K AP
ALX-2612M CT202612 M 6K AP
ALX-2613Y CT202613 Y 6K AP
ALX-2606K CT202606 K 3K AP
ALX-2607C CT202607 C 3K AP
ALX-2608M CT202608 M 3K AP
ALX-2609Y CT202609 Y 3K AP
ALX-1100DR CT351100 K 50K AP
ALX-1101DR CT351101 C 50K AP
ALX-1102DR CT351102 M 50K AP
ALX-1103DR CT351103 Y 50K AP
ALX-2728K CT202728 K 2K JP Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM210 z/CP210 dw
ALX-2729C CT202729 C 2K JP
ALX-2730M CT202730 M 2K JP
ALX-2731Y CT202731 Y 2K JP
ALX-2677K CT202677 K 3K JP Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM310 z/CP310 dw
ALX-2678C CT202678 C 3K JP
ALX-2679M CT202679 M 3K JP
ALX-2680Y CT202680 Y 3K JP
ALX-2681K CT202681 K 6K JP Fuji Xerox DocuPrint CM310 z/CP310 dw
ALX-2682C CT202682 C 6K JP
ALX-2683M CT202683 M 6K JP
ALX-2684Y CT202684 Y 6K JP
ALX-3488K 106R03488 K 5.5K ME Xerox Phaser 6510/WorkCentre 6515n
ALX-3485C  106R03485 C 2.4K ME
ALX-3486M  106R03486 M 2.4K ME
ALX-3487Y  106R03487 Y 2.4K ME
ALX-3693C 106R03693(CT202623) C 4.3K ME
ALX-3694M 106R03694(CT202624) M 4.3K ME
ALX-3695Y  106R03695(CT202625) Y 4.3K ME
ALX-3480K 106R03480(CT202626) K 5.5K EXP
ALX-3477C 106R03477(CT202538) C 2.4K EXP
ALX-3478M 106R03478(CT202539) M 2.4K EXP
ALX-3479Y 106R03479(CT202540) Y 2.4K EXP
ALX-3690C 106R03690 C 4.3K EXP
ALX-3691M 106R03691 M 4.3K EXP
ALX-3692Y 106R03692 Y 4.3K EXP
ALX-3476K  106R03476(METERD) K 2.5K EXP Xerox Phaser 6510n/dn/dnm/dni
Xerox WorkCentre 6515n/dn/dnm/dni
ALX-3490C  106R03490(METERD) C 4.3K EXP
ALX-3491M  106R03491(METERD) M 4.3K EXP
ALX-3492Y  106R03492(METERD) Y 4.3K EXP
ALX-1420DR 108R01420(CT351094) K(DRUM) 48K EXP Xerox Phaser 6510n/dn/dnm/dni
Xerox WorkCentre 6515n/dn/dnm/dni
ALX-1417DR 108R01417(CT351095) C(DRUM) 48K EXP
ALX-1418DR 108R01418(CT351096) M(DRUM) 48K EXP
ALX-1419DR 108R01419(CT351097) Y(DRUM) 48K EXP
ALX-3919K 106R03919(CT202838) K 16.9K NA Xerox VersaLink C600
ALX-3916C 106R03916(CT202839) C 16.8K NA
ALX-3917M 106R03917(CT202840) M 16.8K NA
ALX-3918Y 106R03918(CT202841) Y 16.8K NA
ALX-3935K  106R03935(CT202854) K 16.9K EUR Xerox VersaLink C605
ALX-3932C  106R03932(CT202855) C 16.8K EUR
ALX-3933M  106R03933(CT202856) M 16.8K EUR
ALX-3934Y  106R03934(CT202857) Y 16.8K EUR
ALX-3939K  106R03939 K 16.9K ME
ALX-3936C  106R03936 C 16.8K ME
ALX-3937M  106R03937 M 16.8K ME
ALX-3938Y  106R03938 Y 16.8K ME
ALX-3931K  106R03931 K 16.9K NA
ALX-3928C  106R03928 C 16.8K NA
ALX-3929M  106R03929 M 16.8K NA
ALX-3930Y  106R03930 Y 16.8K NA
ALX-1488DR 108R01488(CT351128) K 40K EXP/ME Xerox VersaLink C600/C605
ALX-1487DR 108R01487 Y 40K EXP/ME
ALX-1486DR 108R01486 M 40K EXP/ME
ALX-1485DR 108R01485 C 40K EXP/ME
ALX-3899K  106R03899(CT202818) K 6K EXP
ALX-3896C  106R03896(CT202819) C 6K EXP
ALX-3897M  106R03897(CT202820) M 6K EXP
ALX-3898Y  106R03898(CT202821) Y 6K EXP
ALX-3903K 106R03903(CT202826) K 12.2K NA
ALX-3900C 106R03900 C 10.1K NA
ALX-3901M 106R03901 M 10.1K NA
ALX-3902Y 106R03902 Y 10.1K NA
ALX-3907K  106R03907(CT202830) K 12.2K EUR
ALX-3904C  106R03904(CT202831) C 10.1K EUR
ALX-3905M  106R03905(CT202832) M 10.1K EUR
ALX-3906Y  106R03906(CT202833) Y 10.1K EUR
ALX-3911K  106R03911 K 6K ME
ALX-3908C  106R03908 C 6K ME
ALX-3909M  106R03909 M 6K ME
ALX-3910Y  106R03910 Y 6K ME
ALX-3915K  106R03915 K 12.2K ME
ALX-3912C  106R03912 C 10.1K ME
ALX-3913M  106R03913 M 10.1K ME
ALX-3914Y  106R03914 Y 10.1K ME
ALX-3869K  106R03869 K 12.1K NA Xerox VersaLink C500/C505
ALX-3866C  106R03866 C 9K NA
ALX-3867M  106R03867 M 9K NA
ALX-3868Y  106R03868 Y 9K NA
ALX-3863C  106R03863 C 5.2K NA
ALX-3864M  106R03864 M 5.2K NA
ALX-3865Y  106R03865 Y 5.2K NA
ALX-3862K  106R03862(CT202785) K 5K EXP
ALX-3859C  106R03859(CT202786) C 2.4K EXP
ALX-3860M  106R03860(CT202787) M 2.4K EXP
ALX-3861Y  106R03861(CT202788) Y 2.4K EXP
ALX-3876K  106R03876(CT202806) K 12.1K EUR
ALX-3870C  106R03870(CT202795) C 5.2K EUR
ALX-3871M  106R03871(CT202796) M 5.2K EUR
ALX-3872Y  106R03872(CT202797) Y 5.2K EUR
ALX-3873C  106R03873(CT202807) C 9K EUR
ALX-3874M  106R03874(CT202808) M 9K EUR
ALX-3875Y  106R03875(CT202809) Y 9K EUR
ALX-3880K  106R03880 K 5K ME
ALX-3877C  106R03877 C 2.4K ME
ALX-3878M  106R03878 M 2.4K ME
ALX-3879Y  106R03879 Y 2.4K ME
ALX-3887K  106R03887 K 12.1K ME
ALX-3881C  106R03881 C 5.2K ME
ALX-3882M  106R03882 M 5.2K ME
ALX-3883Y  106R03883 Y 5.2K ME
ALX-3884C  106R03884 C 9K ME
ALX-3885M  106R03885 M 9K ME
ALX-3886Y  106R03886 Y 9K ME
ALX-1484DR 108R01484(CT351124) K 40K EXP/ME Xerox VersaLink C500/C505
ALX-1481DR 108R01481(CT351125) C 40K EXP/ME
ALX-1482DR 108R01482(CT351126) M 40K EXP/ME
ALX-1483DR 108R01483(CT351127) Y 40K EXP/ME
ALX-3940K 106R03940(CT202865) K 10.3K EXP Xerox VersaLink B600/B605/B610/B615
ALX-3942K 106R03942(CT202866) K 25.9K EXP
ALX-3944K  106R03944(CT202867) K 46.7K EXP
ALX-0582DR 101R00582 K(DRUM) 60K WW

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