Replacement Chips for OKI C332 Series

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14  Sep, 2018

Apex Chip

• ASIC design with consistent performance 
• Two size solution and can compatible with the C330 old models
• Full models

Comparison of the old and new series cartridge

Install in C332 series cartirdge Install in C330 series cartridge

About Printers

In October 2016, OKI launched a new series of A4 single function and multifunctions Laser printers, the print speed is between 26 to 30 ppm. The new series of printers are the substitution of the old generation (C330/C540) released in 2010. The new series cartridge is a separate toner and drum unit. It’s suitable for medium and small enterprises.

Apex launches replacement chips for OKI C332 series cartridges. Sample requesting and consulting are sincerely welcome. Please contact your account manager for more details.

Product List

APEX Code OEM Code Color Yield Region For Use in Printers
ALO-C532K/D7ME 46490632 K 7K ME OKI C532dn/C542dn
OKI MC573dn/MC563dn
ALO-C532C/D6ME 46490631 C 6K
ALO-C532M/D6ME 46490630 M 6K
ALO-C532Y/D6ME 46490629 Y 6K
ALO-C532K/D1D5ME 46490408 K 1.5K
ALO-C532C/D1D5ME 46490407 C 1.5K
ALO-C532M/D1D5ME 46490406 M 1.5K
ALO-C532Y/D1D5ME 46490405 Y 1.5K
ALO-C532K/D7EU 46490608 K 7K EUR OKI C532dn/C542dn
OKI MC573dn/MC563dn
ALO-C532C/D6EU 46490607 C 6K
ALO-C532M/D6EU 46490606 M 6K
ALO-C532Y/D6EU 46490605 Y 6K
ALO-C532K/D1D5EU 46490404 K 1.5K
ALO-C532C/D1D5EU 46490403 C 1.5K
ALO-C532M/D1D5EU 46490402 M 1.5K
ALO-C532Y/D1D5EU 46490401 Y 1.5K
ALO-C532K/D3D5NA 46490504 K 3.5K NA OKI C532dn/MC573dn
ALO-C532C/D3NA 46490503 C 3K
ALO-C532M/D3NA 46490502 M 3K
ALO-C532Y/D3NA 46490501 Y 3K
ALO-C532K/D7NA 46490604 K 7K
ALO-C532C/D6NA 46490603 C 6K
ALO-C532M/D6NA 46490602 M 6K
ALO-C532Y/D6NA 46490601 Y 6K
ALO-C532K/D7AP 46490612 K 7K AP OKI C532dn/MC573dn
ALO-C532C/D6AP 46490611 C 6K
ALO-C532M/D6AP 46490610 M 6K
ALO-C532Y/D6AP 46490609 Y 6K
ALO-C532K/D3D5AP 46490508 K 3.5K
ALO-C532C/D3AP 46490507 C 3K
ALO-C532M/D3AP 46490506 M 3K
ALO-C532Y/D3AP 46490505 Y 3K
ALO-C532K/D3D5JP TC-C4BK1(4949443214055) K 3.5K JP OKI C542dnw/MC573dn
ALO-C532C/D3JP TC-C4BC1(4949443214048) C 3K
ALO-C532M/D3JP TC-C4BM1(4949443214031) M 3K
ALO-C532Y/D3JP TC-C4BY1(4949443214024) Y 3K
ALO-C532K/D7JP TC-C4BK2(4949443214093) K 7K
ALO-C532C/D6JP TC-C4BC2(4949443214086) C 6K
ALO-C532M/D6JP TC-C4BM2(4949443214079) M 6K
ALO-C532Y/D6JP TC-C4BY2(4949443214062) Y 6K
ALO-C532K/D7CN 46490636 K 7K CHN OKI C532dn
ALO-C532C/D6CN 46490635 C 6K
ALO-C532M/D6CN 46490634 M 6K
ALO-C532Y/D6CN 46490633 Y 6K
ALO-C332K/D3D5JP TC-C4AK1(4949443214338) K 3.5K JP OKI C332dnw/MC363dn
ALO-C332C/D3JP TC-C4AC1(4949443214321) C 3K
ALO-C332M/D3JP TC-C4AM1(4949443214314) M 3K
ALO-C332Y/D3JP TC-C4AY1(4949443214307) Y 3K
ALO-C332K/D5JP TC-C4AK2(4949443214376) K 5K
ALO-C332C/D5JP TC-C4AC2(4949443214369) C 5K
ALO-C332M/D5JP TC-C4AM2(4949443214352) M 5K
ALO-C332Y/D5JP TC-C4AY2(4949443214345) Y 5K
ALO-C332K/D3D5ME 46508736 K 3.5K ME OKI C332dn/MC363dn
ALO-C332C/D3ME 46508735 C 3K
ALO-C332M/D3ME 46508734 M 3K
ALO-C332Y/D3ME 46508733 Y 3K
ALO-C332K/D1D5ME 46508740 K 1.5K
ALO-C332C/D1D5ME 46508739 C 1.5K
ALO-C332M/D1D5ME 46508738 M 1.5K
ALO-C332Y/D1D5ME 46508737 Y 1.5K
ALO-C332K/D3D5NA 46508704 K 3.5K NA OKI C332dn/MC363dn
ALO-C332C/D3NA 46508703 C 3K
ALO-C332M/D3NA 46508702 M 3K
ALO-C332Y/D3NA 46508701 Y 3K
ALO-C332K/D1D5EU 46508716 K 1.5K EUR OKI C332dnw/MC363dn
ALO-C332C/D1D5EU 46508715 C 1.5K
ALO-C332M/D1D5EU 46508714 M 1.5K
ALO-C332Y/D1D5EU 46508713 Y 1.5K
ALO-C332K/D3D5EU 46508712 K 3.5K
ALO-C332C/D3EU 46508711 C 3K
ALO-C332M/D3EU 46508710 M 3K
ALO-C332Y/D3EU 46508709 Y 3K
ALO-C332K/D3D5AP 46508720 K 3.5K AP OKI C332dn/MC363dn
ALO-C332C/D3AP 46508719 C 3K
ALO-C332M/D3AP 46508718 M 3K
ALO-C332Y/D3AP 46508717 Y 3K
ALO-C332K/D1D5AP 46508724 K 1.5K
ALO-C332C/D1D5AP 46508723 C 1.5K
ALO-C332M/D1D5AP 46508722 M 1.5K
ALO-C332Y/D1D5AP 46508721 Y 1.5K
ALO-0624K 46490624 K 7K EUR OKI ES5473/ES5432dn/ES5442dn
ALO-0623C 46490623 C 6K
ALO-0622M 46490622 M 6K
ALO-0621Y 46490621 Y 6K
ALO-0620K 46490620 K 6.8K NA
ALO-0619C 46490619 C 5.3K
ALO-0618M 46490618 M 5.3K
ALO-0617Y 46490617 Y 5.3K

List of Error Report

No. Error Code Analysis
1 709: errore code Install two different color
2 554/555/556/557non recommended toner Use an inapplicable cartridge 
3 service call: 990 System error: check if the cartridge normally installed and restart the machine
4 430 tray out Please put some new paper
5 391:  paper jam Please clean the jammed paper
6 310: output tray open Please check if the output tray normally installed
7 image drum sensor error Please check if the drum normally installed and reopen the cover
8 231: error 08 service call Install the old generation cartridge which unmatch with the machine
9 410: y toner empty Yellow toner empty, please change a new one
10 411: m toner empty Magenta toner empty, please change a new one
11 412: c toner empty Cyan toner empty, please change a new one
12 413: k toner empty Black toner empty, please change a new one
13 610: y toner missing Yellow toner missing, please install a right one
14 611: m toner missing Magenta toner missing, please install a right one
15 612: c toner missing Cyan toner missing, please install a right one
16 613: k toner missing Black toner missing, please install a right one
17 544: yellow toner cartridge improper position Yellow toner cartridge improper position or inspection structure breakdown
18 545: magenta toner cartridge improper position Magenta toner cartridge improper position or inspection structure breakdown
19 546: cyan toner cartridge improper position Cyan toner cartridge improper position or inspection structure breakdown
20 547: black toner cartridge improper position Black toner cartridge improper position or inspection structure breakdown

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