Replacement Chips for Brother LC3033/3133/3233 Series

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14  Dec, 2018
About Printers

Brother released a series of new printers since July 2018; they were defined as Brother IV series according to the naming rules of consumables. Extending to Brother III series, the new printers has upgraded the consumable capacities for home printers and commercial printers. With the maximum yield of 6000 pages for BK and 5000 pages for CMY, Brother IV series meets customers' needs of high volume printing. 
Apex Chips

 ASIC design with consistent performance
 Easy to install in recycled cartridges

Apex launches first-to-market replacement chips for LC3033/3133/3233 series cartridges. Sample requesting and consulting are sincerely welcome. Please contact your sales manager for more details.
Product List

APEX Code OEM Code Color Yield Region For Use in Printers
AJB-LC3033BK LC3033BK BK 3,000 USA Brother MFC-J995DW
AJB-LC3033C LC3033C C 1,500
AJB-LC3033M LC3033M M 1,500
AJB-LC3033Y LC3033Y Y 1,500
AJB-LC3035BK LC3035BK BK 6,000
AJB-LC3035C LC3035C C 5,000
AJB-LC3035M LC3035M M 5,000
AJB-LC3035Y LC3035Y Y 5,000
AJB-LC3037BK LC3037BK BK 3,000 Brother MFC-J5845DW
Brother MFC-J5945DW
Brother MFC-J6545DW
Brother MFC-J6945DW
AJB-LC3037C LC3037C C 1,500
AJB-LC3037M LC3037M M 1,500
AJB-LC3037Y LC3037Y Y 1,500
AJB-LC3039BK LC3039BK BK 6,000
AJB-LC3039C LC3039C C 5,000
AJB-LC3039M LC3039M M 5,000
AJB-LC3039Y LC3039Y Y 5,000
AJB-LC3133BK LC3133BK BK 3,000 JPN Brother DCP-J988N
Brother MFC-J1500N
AJB-LC3133C LC3133C C 1,500
AJB-LC3133M LC3133M M 1,500
AJB-LC3133Y LC3133Y Y 1,500
AJB-LC3135BK LC3135BK BK 6,000
AJB-LC3135C LC3135C C 5,000
AJB-LC3135M LC3135M M 5,000
AJB-LC3135Y LC3135Y Y 5,000
AJB-LC3139BK LC3139BK BK 6,000 Brother HL-J6000CDW
Brother MFC-J6999CDW
Brother MFC-J6997CDW
AJB-LC3139C LC3139C C 5,000
AJB-LC3139M LC3139M M 5,000
AJB-LC3139Y LC3139Y Y 5,000
AJB-LC3233BK LC3233BK BK 3,000 EUR Brother MFC-J1300
Brother DCP-J1100DW
AJB-LC3233C LC3233C C 1,500
AJB-LC3233M LC3233M M 1,500
AJB-LC3233Y LC3233Y Y 1,500
AJB-LC3235BK LC3235BK BK 6,000
AJB-LC3235C LC3235C C 5,000
AJB-LC3235M LC3235M M 5,000
AJB-LC3235Y LC3235Y Y 5,000
AJB-LC3237BK LC3237BK BK 3,000 Brother HL-J6000DW
Brother HL-J6100DW
Brother MFC-J5945DW
Brother MFC-J6945DW
Brother MFC-J6947DW
AJB-LC3237C LC3237C C 1,500
AJB-LC3237M LC3237M M 1,500
AJB-LC3237Y LC3237Y Y 1,500
AJB-LC3239BK LC3239BK BK 6,000
AJB-LC3239C LC3239C C 5,000
AJB-LC3239M LC3239M M 5,000
AJB-LC3239Y LC3239Y Y 5,000
AJB-LC3333BK LC3333BK BK 3,000 AU Brother MFC-J1300
Brother DCP-J1100DW
AJB-LC3333C LC333C C 1,500
AJB-LC3333M LC3333M M 1,500
AJB-LC3333Y LC3333Y Y 1,500
AJB-LC3337BK LC3337BK BK 3,000 Brother MFC-J5945DW
Brother MFC-J6945DW
AJB-LC3337C LC3337C C 1,500
AJB-LC3337M LC3337M M 1,500
AJB-LC3337Y LC3337Y Y 1,500
AJB-LC3339BK LC3339BK BK 6,000 Brother MFC-J5945DW
Brother MFC-J6945DW
Coming Soon!
AJB-LC3339C LC3339C C 5,000
AJB-LC3339M LC3339M M 5,000
AJB-LC3339Y LC3339Y Y 5,000

For more information about our products, please consult your account manager!