Replacement Chips for Toshiba T-2323C Series

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30  Sep, 2019

About Printer
Toshiba began releasing ten new A3 format MFPs offer print speeds up to 65ppm in the United States in December 2018. This series supports duplex printing, 150-page continuous copying and reverses paper feeder by the printing requirements. With a load of approximately 64,000 impressions, it reduces frequent user changes in powder and reduce maintenance frequency. 

e-STUDIO 2523A/2822AM
Apex Chips

 Easy to install in recycled cartridges
 SoC design with consistent performance

Apex helps you seize the market opportunities by providing you with the first-to-market replacement chips solution for Toshiba T-2323C series. You're welcome to contact us and ask for product samples!
Product List
APEX Code OEM Code Color Yield Region For Use in Printers
ALT-2323C T-2323C K 17K CHN Toshiba e-STUDIO 2822AM/2523A/2523AD/
ALT-T5018U T-5018U K 40K USA Toshiba e-STUDIO 2518A/3018A/AG/
ALT-T6518U T-6518U K 106.6K Toshiba e-STUDIO 5518A/6518A/7518A/8518A
ALT-T6518C T-6518C K 106.6K CHN
ALT-FC210UK T-FC210UK K 38.4K USA Toshiba e-STUDIO 2010AC/2510AC
ALT-FC210UC T-FC210UC C 33.6K
ALT-FC210UM T-FC210UM M 33.6K
ALT-FC210UY T-FC210UY 33.6K
ALT-FC415UK T-FC415UK K 38.4K USA Toshiba e-STUDIO 2515AC/3015AC/
ALT-FC415UC T-FC415UC C 33.6K
ALT-FC415UM T-FC415UM M 33.6K
ALT-FC415UY T-FC415UY 33.6K
ALT-TFC616UK T-FC616UK K 106.6K USA Toshiba e-STUDIO 5516ACT/6516AC/ACT/7516AC/ACT
ALT-TFC616UC T-FC616UC C 39.2K
ALT-TFC616UM T-FC616UM M 39.2K
ALT-TFC616UY T-FC616UY 39.2K
ALT-TFC616CC T-FC616CC C 39.2K
ALT-TFC616CM T-FC616CM M 39.2K
ALT-TFC616CY T-FC616CY 39.2K

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