Replacement Chips for NEC 7700C/9160C/9560C Series

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17 Jul,2020

About Printer
In May 2020, NEC launched the color laser printers MultiWriter 7700C/9160C/9560C in Japan. With compact size and high production efficiency, it is an ideal choice for mobile office workers.
Apex Chips

 Consistent performance
• Easy to install in recycled cartridges

Apex helps you seize the market opportunities by providing you with the first-to-market replacement chips solution for NEC 7700C/9160C/9560C series. You're welcome to contact us and ask for product samples!
Product List

APEX Code OEM Code Color Yield Region For Use in Printers
ALNEC-7714 PR-L7700C-14 K 6K JPN NEC MultiWriter 7700C
ALNEC-7713  PR-L7700C-13 C 6K
ALNEC-7712  PR-L7700C-12 M 6K
ALNEC-7711  PR-L7700C-11 Y 6K
ALNEC-7719 PR-L7700C-19 K 11K
ALNEC-7718  PR-L7700C-18 C 11K
ALNEC-7717  PR-L7700C-17 M 11K
ALNEC-7716  PR-L7700C-16 Y 11K
ALNEC-7211 PR-L7200-11 K 6K NEC MultiWriter 7200 
ALNEC-7212 PR-L7200-12 K 15K
ALNEC-9114 PR-L9160C-14 K 6K JPN NEC MultiWriter 9160C
ALNEC-9113 PR-L9160C-13 C 5K
ALNEC-9112 PR-L9160C-12 M 5K
ALNEC-9111 PR-L9160C-11 Y 5K
ALNEC-9119 PR-L9160C-19 K 10K
ALNEC-9118 PR-L9160C-18 C 9K
ALNEC-9117  PR-L9160C-17 M 9K
ALNEC-9116 PR-L9160C-16 Y 9K
ALNEC-9514 PR-L9560C-14 K 7K NEC MultiWriter 9560C
ALNEC-9513 PR-L9560C-13 C 6K
ALNEC-9512 PR-L9560C-12 M 6K
ALNEC-9511 PR-L9560C-11 Y 6K
ALNEC-9519 PR-L9560C-19 K 15K
ALNEC-9518 PR-L9560C-18 C 10K
ALNEC-9517 PR-L9560C-17 M 10K
ALNEC-9516 PR-L9560C-16 Y 10K
ALX-3211 CT203211 K 6K JPN FujiXerox DocuPrint C2550d
ALX-3212 CT203212 C 6K
ALX-3213 CT203213 M 6K
ALX-3214 CT203214 Y 6K
ALX-3215 CT203215 K 10K
ALX-3216 CT203216 C 10K
ALX-3217 CT203217 M 10K
ALX-3218 CT203218 Y 10K
ALX-3203 CT203203 K 7K FujiXerox DocuPrint C3550d
ALX-3204 CT203204 C 6K
ALX-3205 CT203205 M 6K
ALX-3206 CT203206 Y 6K
ALX-3207 CT203207 K 15K
ALX-3208 CT203208 C 10K
ALX-3209 CT203209 M 10K
ALX-3210 CT203210 Y 10K

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