Replacement Chips for Fujifilm 2560/C3060 Series

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24 Mar,2022

About Printer

In February 2022, Fujifilm launched A3 color ApeosPort C2060/C2560/C3060 and monochrome Apeos 2560/3060/3560 MFPs in Hong Kong, equipped with compactibility and scalability, this series is mainly for small and medium-sized businesses.



Apex Chips


 ASIC design with consistent performance

 Easy to install in recycled cartridges

Apex has now launched the new replacement chips for the Fujifilm 2560/C3060 series. Consult your sales manager to explore more core business opportunities.

Product List

APEX CodeOEM CodeColorYieldRegionFor Use in Printers
ALX-2496KCT202496K22KAPFujifilm ApeosPort C3060/C2560/C2060
Fujifilm DocuCenter-V C2260/C2265
ALX-2508CT202508K25KFujifilm Apeos 3560/3060/2560
Fujifilm Apeosport-V 2060/3060/3065
Fujifilm DocuCenter-V2060/3060/3065

For more information about our products, please consult your account manager!