Replacement Chips for Kyocera TK3401/TK3410/3412 Series

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22 May,2023

About Printer


Kyocera launched two A4 monochrome printers, the ECOSYSPA4500x and ECOSYSPA6000x, in Japan in November 2022. These printers were later introduced in Europe, the U.S., and Australia, along with MFPs designed for workgroups and professional environments, which have low-cost and intelligent security features.




 OEM size

• Flexible serial number switching

 Easy to install in recycled cartridges

APEXMIC has launched the new replacement chips for the Kyocera TK3401/TK3410/3412 series. Consult your sales manager to explore more core business opportunities.

Product List

Product CodeOEM CodeColorYieldRegionFor Use in Printers
ALK-TK3401TK-3401K12.5KJPKyocera ECOSYS PA4500x/MA4500ifx
ALK-TK3431TK-3431K25KKyocera ECOSYS PA6000x
ALK-TK3300TK-3300K14.5KEURKyocera ECOSYS MA4500ix/ifx
ALK-TK3400TK-3400K12.5KKyocera ECOSYS PA4500x/MA4500x/fx
ALK-TK3410TK-3410K15.5KKyocera ECOSYS PA5000x/ifx
ALK-TK3430TK-3430K25KKyocera ECOSYS PA5500x/MA5500ifx 
ALK-TK3440TK-3440K40KKyocera ECOSYS PA6000x/MA6000ifx
ALK-TK3402TK-3402K12.5KUSKyocera ECOSYS PA4500x/MA4500ifx
ALK-TK3412TK-3412K15.5KKyocera ECOSYS PA5000x
ALK-TK3432TK-3432K25KKyocera ECOSYS PA5500x/MA5500ifx
ALK-TK3442TK-3442K40KKyocera ECOSYS PA6000x/MA6000ifx
ALK-TK3404TK-3404K12.5KAUKyocera ECOSYS PA4500x
ALK-TK3414TK-3414K15.5KKyocera ECOSYS PA5000x
ALK-TK3434TK-3434K25KKyocera ECOSYS PA5500x
ALK-TK3444TK-3444K40KKyocera   ECOSYS PA6000x

For more information about our products, please consult your account manager!