Unismart II (Stop Production)
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Apex had stopped produced Unismart II, please purchase the Unismart 3 resetting system.

What is Unismart?

Creative Cartridge Chip Recycling Solution
As a convenient chipping system, Unismart boxes are widely used for programming, resetting and testing cartridge chips. Currently, equipped with constantly renewed pre-embedded programs, Unismart can not only program, reset and test Unismart chips, but also reset and test OEM chips.

Proprietary Intellectual Property Rights

  APEX holds the right of using the specifically - designed artistic logo "Unismart" and Unismart's software registration. The Unismart system has been awarded patents in several countries, such as US, Europe, Japan, Korea and so on.

Easy Upgrading
By using credit-add and remote operation functions, users can upgrade Unismart friendly, efficiently and conveniently.
Reasonable Price
Difference chip models use different ‘Credit’
Efficient Upgrading
Directly manage and upgrade Unismart equipments via the network platform
Quick Transaction
Directly place order, modify upgrading credits via the network platform
Simple Management
Manage the secondary customers via the system

Unismart Accessories

Test head : Unismart Test Head is used for data transmission between Unismart Box and Unismart chips.The type of test head is designed according to various chips hardware size.It can offer a solution for writing resetting, testing various chips supportes by Unismart.
Flat writer: To increase the operation efficiency, Flat writer is for easy contraposition.Designed for chip with small contact face and chips with rugged back.

Why Unismart?
Unismart allows you to program, reset and test cartridge chips in a smart, cost saving and environmentally-friendly way.

 Smart (One Box for All)
·Program and reprogram chips freely at your facility

·Reset and reuse the chips for second refilling
·Test chips after reprogramming or resetting

Cost Saving (20%+ Money Saving)
·Minimum chips stock and maximum flexibility
·Cost savings of 20% or more over outright chip purchase
·Reduce costs by eliminating the need for end of line chip testing

Environmentally-friendly (Waste Less, Recycle More)
·Millions of used cartridge chips and parts end up in the landfill every year. This generates a staggering amount of waste. By using
·Unismart to reset and reprogram used chips can effectively reduce the e-waste.
Unismart Chip
Unismart chip is a patent semi-finished chip with pre-embedded encryption program. The chip can be programmed and reprogrammed to specific models.
1)pre-embedded encryption program
2)programmable and reprogrammable
3)The chip has encryption settings and only works with Unismart box

The comparison with universal chip

  Unismart chip Universal chip
Generality Efficient in stock control, attainable immediately for your demands Attainable only for limited amount of codes
Flexibility Reprogrammable for many codes Non- reprogrammable
Cost Cost will be much lower with chips recycled for many times Higher cost with one-time use of chips

Unismart Application