Product Overview

HSP2220 is a black and white multi-functional laser printer controller SoC based on T-head CPU. It possesses sufficient system IPs, peripheral IPs (16 bit SDRAM, data transmission speed 200Mbps/bit; 4-bit NOR Flash controller, maximum frequency 50MHz), plentiful security IPs (such as AES, DES, SHA, SM2/4 and etc.) and flexible image processing engine (JBIG/JPEG codec, scanning back end, halftone, algorithm hardware accelerator, etc.). Support the download of processing system and running Linux operating system; support the real-time response of printer interface; support the anti-fuse OTP, which can realize the key storage and restricted access to CPU.

Apply to desktop laser printers, color scanners and MFP/SFP solutions.

Structure Diagram



  • 1 T-head 810
  • 1 T-head 802
  • 2 T-head 803

Printing Speed

  • 80ppm (black & white)

Printing Resolution

  • 1200×1200 dpi (A4)

Color Scanning Speed

  • 40 spm

Image Processing Hardware

  • JBIG codec, compatibility T.82 & T.85
  • JPEG codec, compatibility T.81

Printing Devices

  • LSU and APC controls
  • Printing motor control
  • Page and line synchronization detection filtering


  • Password engine
  • Encrypted memory
  • True random number generator
  • Anti SPA/DPA attack


  • USB 2.0 dual function interface
  • SD/MMC/SDIO 2.0 Host
  • SPI x3, UART x3, I2C x2, GPIO
  • XPWM, 10-bit ADC


  • Photodetectors
  • Voltage detector
  • Frequency detector
  • Temperature frequency detector