APEXMIC Unveils Cutting-edge Solutions at Remanexpo 2024

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06 Feb,2024

On January 26, 2024, the Ambiente & Remanexpo exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany showcased APEXMIC's decade-long commitment to innovation in the remanufacturing industry.

APEXMIC, as the cartridge chip brand of Geehy Microelectronics, the exhibition highlighted the flagship product – a replacement chip for the Brother TN229 series cartridges


Covering over 80 models worldwide, APEXMIC maintains its industry leadership, aiding customers in capitalizing on market opportunities. During a concurrent seminar, APEXMIC addressed recycling industry challenges, focusing on the "1+N" distinctive services designed to support European recycling industry development.

"1+N" Service Solution

 Empowers the Recycling Industry 

The European Sales Manager, Amber presented the "1+N" service solution in the Academy Seminar, targeting negative chain reactions caused by "firmware upgrades." This comprehensive solution tackles disruptions in production cycles, increased costs, and lost sales opportunities, aiming to enhance efficiency and reduce overall costs for customers.



 Handheld Chip Reset Device 

Building on a decade of evolution, APEXMIC introduced the MiniSmart handheld reset device in late 2023. This portable device requires no external connections, offering a convenient on-the-go reset for APEXMIC replacement chips. The MiniSmart serves a broader user base, including distributors and refill stores in the secondary market.


Ustation Platform

 Services Around You 

APEXMIC's Ustation platform, launched in 2022, facilitates local APEXMIC chip resets and upgrades through established points. In 2023, the platform completed over 600,000 chip resets, spanning 7 service points and 16 system locations in Europe and the Americas. The ongoing expansion of the Ustation platform aims to provide customers with convenient localized technical support services.

Remaining true to its original mission, APEXMIC continues to innovate for the healthy development of the consumables recycling industry. The first industry event of 2024 has successfully concluded, reaffirming APEXMIC's commitment to the "Product + Service" dual-drive approach, positioning the company to assist customers in seizing new market opportunities.