Geehy Honored as National Specialized and Innovative "Little Giant Enterprise”

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04 Mar,2024

At the High-Quality Development Conference for Specialized and Innovative Enterprises in Zhuhai, held on February 28th under the theme "Supporting 'Little Giants' and Developing Major Industries," Geehy stood out among 34 newly certified national-level specialized and innovative "little giant" enterprises for its extensive expertise in integrated circuit chip design and independent innovation.

These enterprises, certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, represent the pinnacle of small and medium-sized enterprises, possessing exceptional innovation prowess, core technology expertise, significant market share in niche markets, and commendable efficiency and quality. They are instrumental in driving high-quality growth in the SME sector.

With two decades of experience as a high-tech enterprise specializing in integrated circuit design and embedded system development, Geehy has distinguished itself through its relentless pursuit of independent innovation. Notably, its independently produced encrypted chips for printing consumables have garnered global recognition, establishing the company as a key player in the industry. Leveraging independently produced CPU cores, it has also spearheaded the design of multiple large-scale printer control secure SoCs, fortifying the nation's office printing information security infrastructure and bridging industry gaps.

With a focus on segmented industry chip design, Geehy expanded its portfolio to include 32-bit industrial/automotive-grade MCUs, analog and mixed-signal ICs, and SoCs in 2019. Embracing a culture of continuous technological innovation and product enhancement, it invests significantly in ecosystem development, offering comprehensive solutions comprising toolchains, software support, reference designs, and mass production solutions. Its products are renowned for their high performance, low power consumption, and reliability, driving rapid growth across industrial control, automotive electronics, new energy, and consumer electronics sectors.

The national-level specialized and innovative "little giant" enterprise award underscores Geehy's prowess in professional fields, technological innovation, and independent research. Moving forward, the company remains committed to the nation's innovation agenda, intensifying investments in scientific research and development to meet evolving industry demands. By delivering a diverse portfolio of chip products and dependable solutions across various sectors, Geehy aims to fuel the innovative growth of the integrated circuit industry.