Geehy Secures "2023 Top Ten Chinese IC Design Companies" Award

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03 Apr,2023

Geehy proudly announces its recognition as one of the "2023 Top Ten Chinese IC Design Companies", presented at the 2023 China IC Design Achievement Awards Ceremony and China IC Leaders Summit held in Shanghai on March 30th.

Hosted by AspenCore, a leading global technical media institution in electronic engineering, and jointly selected by electronic engineers, senior analysts, and semiconductor industry professionals, the China IC Design Achievement Awards is a prestigious accolade within the Chinese electronics industry. Geehy's inclusion in the elite group of "Top Ten Chinese IC Design Companies" underscores its significant contributions to integrated circuit chip design and its prowess in chip design capabilities over the years.


Pioneering Technological Self-Reliance and Advancing Chip Industrialization

With nearly two decades of expertise in integrated circuit design, Geehy boasts independent design capabilities for 8/16/32-bit CPU cores, distinguishing itself as one of the few enterprises proficient in both CPU and DSP core design. Through sustained research and development investments and years of technical accumulation and application, it has developed a diverse product line encompassingindustrial/automotive-grade MCUs, analog and mixed-signal ICs, and SoCs, with a strategic focus on industrial control, automotive electronics, new energy, and consumer electronics sectors.

Responding to the industrial sector's requirements, Geehy has introduced six series and twenty-four general-purpose APM32 industrial-grade MCUs, catering to automation equipment, digital power supplies, elevator control systems, and maintaining a rapid growth trend.

Drawing on its expertise in industrial-grade chip design and research, Geehy has ventured into automotive electronics. In 2022, it obtained the TÜV ISO 26262 certification from TÜV Rheinland, Germany, establishing a robust product development process compliant with the highest level of automotive functional safety standards, "ASIL-D." The first-generation automotive-grade APM32A MCU series has certified SGS AEC-Q100 Grade 1/Grade 2, finding success in applications spanning body control, safety systems, infotainment, and power systems, with their reliability confirmed through practical use.

Addressing the burgeoning new energy market, Geehy provides MCUs as the computational backbone in BMS control circuits, complemented by analog and mixed-signal ICs with diverse protection and detection functionalities. These comprehensive solutions ensure the stability and efficiency of BMS battery management systems, addressing critical concerns such as safety, usability, and service life in battery systems.

Fostering Innovation and Strengthening Independent Innovation Capabilities

During the "2023 China IC Leaders Summit" roundtable discussion, Mr. Xu Xuexun, General Manager of Geehy Automotive ICs Business Unit, emphasized the symbiotic relationship between an efficient collaborative environment and talent innovation development. Geehy prioritizes the recruitment and cultivation of specialized talent, fostering an environment conducive to unleashing their full potential and fostering technologically independent innovation. It remains committed to customer-centric innovation, product enhancement, and ecosystem development to accelerate industrial innovation and development.


Looking ahead, Geehy will continue enhancing its ecosystem, establishing a reliability assurance platform, fostering upstream and downstream collaboration, and introducing diversified product lines. By assuming industrial responsibilities, championing technological innovation, and fostering differentiated core competencies, Geehy remains dedicated to supporting the rapid evolution of the integrated circuit industry.