Geehy Wins Two Awards at the 2024 Computer Innovation Conference

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12 Jan,2024

Geehy proudly participated in the esteemed "2024 Computer Innovation Conference," hosted by the China Computer Industry Association on January 10th. The conference convened leading figures from government, industry, academia, and research to chart the course for China's computing industry, emphasizing the pivotal role of artificial intelligence, big data, and the imperative of fostering an independent, innovative supply chain ecosystem.

At this significant gathering, the 7th Annual China Computer Industry Development Achievement Awards for 2023 were bestowed upon enterprises and individuals driving progress in the country's computer industry. Geehy stood out for advancing core technologies and fostering innovation in the industry chain, earning the prestigious "2023 China Printing Consumables Industry Development Achievement Award." Additionally, our esteemed General Manager, Wang Dongjie, was honored with the "2023 Entrepreneur Achievement Award".

China Printing Consumables Industry Development Achievement Award


Entrepreneur Achievement Award


With over two decades of dedication to chip design, Geehy has continually pursued independent innovation, achieving breakthroughs in critical core technologies. Under the visionary leadership of General Manager Wang Dongjie, it introduced independently developed printing consumables encryption chips onto the global stage. Leveraging CPU cores, our team has spearheaded the design of multiple large-scale printer control security SoCs, establishing an autonomous and secure chip ecosystem. This initiative bolsters printing and copying information security defenses while addressing industry gaps.

Furthermore, our extensive experience in integrated circuit design and robust capabilities in embedded system development have propelled Geehy's expansion into the mid-to-high-end industrial-grade general-purpose MCUs since 2019. Through relentless research and development innovation and product iteration, we have achieved remarkable strides in the industrial control, automotive electronics, new energy, and consumer electronics markets. Our products, distinguished by their high performance, low power consumption, and exceptional reliability, are complemented by a comprehensive ecosystem.

As an integrated circuit design enterprise, Geehy remains committed to driving industrial innovation through core technology and delivering continuous value to our customers. We pledge to steadfastly support the national information security strategy and contribute to the enduring growth of the computer industry.