Xerox B210 reports error "09-800"? You've installed the wrong chip.

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27 Apr,2021

Recently, we receive feedback from some customers that when the Xerox B210 chip was installed in printer, the machine reported "09-800" and failed to work. In analysis to this matter, it is determined that the chip’s region or model doesn’t match with that of the printer’s.


The regions for Xerox B210 series printers are divided into EXP and ME. We can find the detail information from the model list.


But how can we identify the region or model for the chip and the printer? They can be found by two methods:


Method I: Print the Supplies Usage

1. Printer with screen


                              ① Click “Device”                                                                  ②Choose “Information Pages”


           ③Find "Supplies Usage" and click                                                                    ④ Click “Print”

The supplies’ model for this printer is “106R04346”, which displays in the “Standard Capacity Toner Cartridge Reorder” column. And you can find its region EXP from the model list.


2. Printer without screen

Print the Supplies Usage from PC connected. We take the PC under Win7 system for an example:

①Have the PC connected with driver, click Devices and Printers.   

②Find the B210 printer.

③Right-click on the printer and choose the Printing Preferences.

④Click Printer Status and the Supplies Usage will be printed out.

Attention: As Xerox printer will fail to work when the chip reaches its life, we strongly recommend you to print out the Supplies Usage once the chip is installed in printer. Record the information in Supplies Usage on the printer.


Method II: Check the OEM cartridge or the cartridge chip coding

1. Check through OEM cartridge

From the OEM cartridge’s label, we can find the supplies model is “106R04349”, which is for ME region.

2. Check through chip coding

If you have the Apex replacement chip for the series product, you can also identify its region from the chip coding.

Like this one, the first four digitals in chip coding “434712” correspond to the Apex Product Code. And we can find its OEM code is 106R04347 for EXP region from the model list.