Tips to Replace Developers on Sharp Printers

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19 Oct,2022

Hi, everyone! 

Nice to see you again. Let's look at how to replace developers on Sharp printers today.

When the following error appears, it means the indicated developer in the developer unit is used up and needs to be replaced.

I: Developer Replacement

1. Turn off the machine power and open the front cover. Remove the toner collection container.

2. Remove the 2 fixing screws. Open the toner collection container. Remove the developer unit cable.

3. Take out the developer unit that needs to be replaced (Note: When replacing the color developer, replace the Yellow, Magenta, 

and Cyan developers at the same time. If only one developer is replaced, the color balance may be abnormal. The black developer can be replaced alone.)

4. Open the main charger cover. Add the appropriate amount of developer.

5. Turn the white gear in a forward direction several times.

6. Install the developer unit and other parts back into the machine. Close the front cover.

II: Color Balance Adjustment

1. Take out all the toner cartridges. Close the front cover.

2. Turn on the power. Double click the "Home" button.

3. Click the version number in the lower right corner. Enter "#*c*" to enter the maintenance mode. 

4. Select NO.25. Select NO.02.

5. Select the developing unit to be adjusted → When the EXECUTE key is pressed, it is highlighted. 

(After stirring for 1 min, the average value of toner concentration sensor detection level is stored as the reference toner concentration control value.)

6. EXECUTE key returns to the normal display from highlight (to determine whether the adjustment operation is completed or not).

III: Printer Operation Status Checking

1. Exit the maintenance mode. Confirm that "Install the toner cartridge" is displayed and install the toner cartridge accordingly.

2. Close the front cover. Confirm that "Toner replacement in progress" is displayed and wait until the display disappears (It takes 30 sec~6 min).

Above are the contents we share today.