The Solution of Poor Contact Between Chip and Printer

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31 Mar,2020

Please click below link for the Video Support that introduced the scratch test to solve the problem of poor contact between chip and printer.


I Scratch Test Operation (Take a Ricoh cartridge chip for example)

1. Open the printer's front cover

2. Take out the cartridge

3. Colour the chip contactors

4. Install the cartridge into the printer

5. Close the cover

6. Check the contactors' scratches

II Result Analysis

①If scratches appeared to all chip contactors, it is determined as complete contact, otherwise it is determined as incomplete contact.

②If unusual scratches occur, please check whether the printer probes are bent or aging, and replace it in time if that happens.

③If probes are working good, please ensure the toner cartridge matches the printer model.

III Error Codes Displayed for Poor Contact Between Chips and Laser Printers

Printer Brand

Error Code


Supply memory error


Cartridge Communication Error


X toner cartridge is not installed. Install it. (X means color)


Reinstall missing or unresponsive cartridge [31.40]


Check the X Toner Cartridge Position (X means color)


Install the developer cartridge.


Toner Cartridge Setting Error


Replace X Toner Cartridge


Non-genuine Toner