Drum Reset Procedures for Lexmark E260 & Samsung CLT-404 Series Printers

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25 May,2022

Hi, everyone!

Today I'll take you to learn how to reset the parts of the printers without chips.

I: Drum Reset Procedures for Lexmark E260 Series

1. When the toner light flashes yellow, it means that the drum is near the end of its life and it needs to be reset.

2. Open the front cover→Press and hold the "Continue" button→Power on the printer and keep the "Continue" button down until 

the "Error" light remains on→Release the "Continue" button→Entered the Configuration menu, four lights should remain on after you close the front cover.

3. Press the "Stop" button 4 times until the "Toner" light flashes→Release the "Stop" button→Press and hold the "Continue" button until the "Ready" light flashes 3 times in a row.

4. Power off the printer→Wait a few seconds, then power the printer on as normal.

II: Imaging Unit, Fuser, and Transfer Belt Reset Procedures for Samsung 404 Series

1. When the machine prompts C5-1110, C5-1120, C3-6110, C3-6130, C3-6140, and other errors, it means that the machine components are near their functional life and they need to be reset.

2. Press "Menu"→ Press "Back"→ Navigate "◀" and "▶" arrows→Press "OK"→Press "Stop/Clear"→ Press "Menu".

3.Select "Tech Menu"→Press "OK"→Select "Data Setup"→Press "OK"→Select "Clear Counts"→Press "OK"→Enter password "1934"→Select "Platen Scan"→Select the indicated items→Press "OK".

4. Power off the printer→Power on the printer on as normal.

Above are the contents we share today.