Tips to Print a Supplies Status Page on HP W1110A Series Printers

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10 Aug,2022

Hi, everyone! Nice to see you again. 

Let’s look at how to print a status page on HP W1110A series printers today.

HP W1110A series is divided into those without a display screen and those with a display screen. Here are the detailed operation steps.

I: Printer without a Display Screen

1. Turn on the printer.

2. Note that as the Status LED stops flashing, the printer is ready.

3. Hold the Resume button until the Power button flashes three times, releasing the Resume button to print out the status page.

II: Printer with a Display Screen

1. Turn on the printer.

2. When the Status LED turns yellow, the printer is ready.

3. Press Menu button. Press Right arrow button to system setting. Press OK button. Navigate the Right  arrow button to Report. Press OK button. Navigate the Right arrow button to Cartridge Information. Press OK button to Print. Press OK button to print out the status page.

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