Three Ways to Disable the HP Automatic Updates

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21 Jul,2022

Some users feedback that since 2022 HP has repeatedly pushed new firmwares to update printers through WiFi and networked PCs. To avoid printer firmware upgrades leading to the abnormal use of cost-effective compatible cartridges, below are the three ways to disable the HP Automatic Updates.

I. Via the HP Smart app

Download your mobile device with the HP Smart App.

②Enable the printer's Wireless function→Click Wi-Fi Direct.

③Confirm the network name and password→Connect your mobile device to the network.

④Open the HP Smart App.

⑤Click "Estimated Supply Levels".

⑥Click "Advanced Settings" and "Security"→Choose "Administrator Settings".

⑦Scroll the page to the bottom→Click "Printer Updates".

⑧Uncheck the marked boxes and click "Apply".

II. Via HP Address

Click "Network" on the printer control panel.

②Find the printer's IP address.

③Input the printer's IP address.

④Click "Settings".

⑤Click "Security" and choose "Administrator Settings".

⑥Scroll the page to the bottom→Click "Printer Updates".

⑦Uncheck the marked boxes and click "Apply".


III. Via the Printer's Service Mode

Press "Return" four times on the printer control panel.

②Enter the "Support Menu".

③Press "OK" to get to "Support".

④The firmware version is displayed on the screen.

⑤Find the "Enable/Disable Menu".

⑥Find "Firmware Update" by pressing Up and Down arrows.

⑦Press "OK".

⑧"Disabled. Press OK to enable it." is displayed.

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