Tips to Check the Ink Levels and Print a Supply Status Sheet on Epson I-VIII Series Printers

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16 Sep,2022

Hi, everyone! Nice to see you again. Let's look at how to check the ink levels and print a supply status sheet on Epson I-VIII series printers today. Here are the detailed operation steps.

I: Printer without a Display Screen

1. Turn on the printer.

2. Connect the printer to the computer (demonstrate under Windows 10 system) 

Click the "Start" menu → Select "Devices" → Click "Printers & Scanners" Select the corresponding printer driver → 

Click "Manage" → Select "Printing Preferences "→Click "Maintenance" when "Printing Preferences" in the pop-up window → 

Click the "EPSON Status Monitor 3" icon, then the ink balance will appear on the screen.

II: Printer with a Display Screen

1. Turn on the printer.

2. Press the "Ink Levels" icon displayed on the screen, then you can check the approximate printer ink levels.

3. Press "Print Supply Status Sheet" and click "Print", then you can check the ink details on the printed supply status sheet.

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