How to Resolve Inaccurate Toner Level Displayed in Printer? -Toshiba 2309 Series

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29 May,2020

When cartridges are installed to print hundreds or thousands of pages, "TONER LOW" or "TONER EMPTY" may pop up in the printer's display screen. That's because the printer isn't able to determine how much toner is left in the units.


Now I will show you how the printer detects toner for Toshiba 2309 series.

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                      Take out the toner cartridge                                             Sensor installed

①The printer uses the sensor to determine the toner level by continuously detecting the toner density level in the drum unit.

②When the toner density level is lower than a certain value, the printer issues the command of adding toner.

③If the drum unit doesn't get enough toner after the command is issued, it results in inaccurate toner level status.


Solution for Resolving Inaccurate Toner Level Displayed 

1. Check whether there's toner left in the cartridge.

2. Open the cartridge outlet.

3. Manually rotate the drive gear.

4. Check the status of toner discharging.

5. Confirm whether the toner is smoothly discharged.

6. Clean the toner discharge channel.

Note: Toner level can be retrieved by installing the rewritten chip into a qualified cartridge!